Frequently Asked Questions


Are they waterproof?
They are 100% waterproof

What about other weather, sun, wind, snow etc.?
Our stretch tents are available with a UV filter to protect from harsh sunlight. The tents are incredibly resilient and have been used for years at one of the windiest points in South Africa. The tents managed to withstand the winds of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet

So can I have a stretch tent in winter?
Yes, the sides can be pulled down to create an enclosed space. Additionally patio heaters can be used inside the tent to keep you nice and toasty.

So they meet fire safety regulations?
Yes, our stretch tent fabric is fire retardant and meets strict British Standards. Certificate available upon request.

Do you have insurance?
Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance and Employee Insurance

Do you do a Risk Assessment?
Yes, we follow strict protocols.

My ground is uneven can I still have a stretch tent?
Uneven ground makes no difference to erecting stretch tents, trees and other features can be incorporated into the design of the stretch tent they can handle this with ease, style and grace.

There are trees and other structures on site; can I still have a stretch tent?
We are happy to affix our stretch tents to trees, posts or buildings. We have the right equipment to do the job. Please Challenge us though!

What sizes are available?
We have a wide range of tents sizes in stock, starting from 5m x 6m going up to 20m x 30m. If that’s not big enough we can join tents together to cover an even bigger space

How long does it take to put up a tent?
Depending on tent size from 1 hour up to 4 hours.

What colour stretch tents are there?
We stock beige, white and silver more colours are available.

What types of poles do you have?
Aluminium and wood

How high are stretch tents?
We can pitch the tent up to 6m, but normally 2.5m to allow a comfortable headspace.

Can I buy stretch tents?
Yes, contact us for details and pricing.

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