Llinos approached us back in 2017 regarding their Wedding consisting of 130 guests in May 2019, the location a field in Anglesey.

There was a lot of back and forth on email and phone calls and eventually, in 2018 we visited the site. Usually, our free site visits are to meet the couple and judge the size and any restrictions of the venue. As this was a field with an abundance of space, the site visit was purely to meet the couple and give them that personal touch, after all, we had spoken for a year!

All this was prior to any deposit, making Tentickle Stretch tents available to all with no hidden costs or commitments. We like to provide an exceptional service to all from the very beginning to the very end and beyond.

Preparations before for the event

During the site visit, we spent the time to talk through all-weather situations and how to maximise the great location and view, our Bride and Groom had in front of them. We discussed the use of the trees on one side of the field to be used as a natural shelter from the wind.

By incorporating the nature of this beautiful location we were able to plan for any weather situations. Tentickle stretch tents are wind, rain and storm proof, it’s all about working with the couple to understand their vibe and what they wanted from the day.

The excited couple booked the 15x20m white stretch tent with flooring, tables and chairs, PA system, patio heaters, lighting etc. To transport all this equipment to a field in Anglesey would be a huge job for some but not for Tentickle Stretch tents! We used four large vans to get all the equipment there safely and on time with no issues.

Installation of the tent for the big day

We installed the tent three days ahead of the wedding to make sure the bridal party had enough time to decorate with ease as they took on the task themselves. Checking our weather and wind app so there are no surprises for the day to make sure all will be perfect we started the installation.

During installation, we set up the PA system to give a party atmosphere, with music and the tent going up we were fortunate to witness the couple and father of the bride seeing the “dream that became the reality!” come to life.

After the installation and everything was tested to be in perfect working order with no trip hazards, we all took the time to look around the tent and envision the day. After a short discussion, the bride and father asked for a few slight amendments to the front so the view of this spectacular scenery could be enjoyed even more.


After double checking the app with them, we were more than happy to accommodate these changes and quickly got to work. The work the team at Tentickle put in to every event is personal, it’s great to hear written feedback a couple of days after the wedding;

“You understood from the outset the vibe I was aiming for and want to thank you for all your help and assistance (especially your patience!)”.

The wedding day was a success, great weather, fantastic company and excellent feedback from the guests enjoying the day with our stretch tent. All parties involved were happy with the spectacular set up and would like to work with us in the future. We are so pleased the day was such a success and we are excited to be in discussion with Llinos as they are considering hiring on a long-term basis with us as they look at plans to be a fantastic wedding venue – watch this space!

If you are interested in hiring a tent for a wedding or your next big event, get in touch with Tentickle today by calling 07826843099 or filling out our contact form here.