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Make it a night to remember

When you want to throw a party people will remember, you start by finding the right venue and the right layout ensuring you get off to a flying start. When you use a Tentickle Stretch Tent, you’ll blow your guests away the minute they arrive because of the grandeur they add to your event.

Stretch Tent Marquee covering Wedding Venue

Tentickle Stretch Tents combine practicality, elegance, and grandeur to create the perfect space for a party, and our services help ensure they’re decorated just the way you want. They come in various sizes, with different lighting packages, flooring options, and furniture to make sure your venue represents your style. We do all of this for you, so you can sit back and focus on planning the other important aspects of your party.

Why stretch tents are the perfect solution for your party

A stretch tent gives you more for your money. You don’t have to rely on finding the perfect venue, which can take weeks or even months when bookings are full. You create the perfect venue, bringing the party wherever you want it. This gives you more options to be creative and make sure your guests have a brilliant time.

If you want a Halloween party surrounded by woodland and fields in the dead of night, a stretch tent is a perfect way to make that happen while keeping guests comfortable, dry, and warm. If you’re throwing an elegant birthday party, an engagement party, or a staff party, why not have it surrounded by beautiful countryside where you’re free to go wild?

Why choose Tentickle Stretch Tents?

  • CONFIGURATION – You can set up your stretch tent any way you want. You can open the doors and walls to nature, or create a safe-haven from the elements in a more intimate setting with the sides drawn down.
  • COVER – Everyone loves a garden party. You can dress smart and enjoy your surroundings. But there is always the lingering threat from the unpredictability of the weather. A stretch tent gives you the best of both worlds, meaning you can plan your party no matter the weather because it will always protect your guests.
  • BLANK CANVAS  The best parties are unique and unexpected. A stretch tent allows you to put your own spin on your surroundings. Tentickle helps you source and fit decorations to tailor the perfect, never-before-seen environment that makes a fantastic party. If you want simple and stylish, or you want to go all out with neon and a flashing dance floor, anything is possible in our tents.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Depending on how extravagant or subtle you want your event to be, we’ve got a cover for everything. Whether it’s eating a delicious three-course meal, networking or throwing moves on the dance floor, our tents are the place to do it.

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Our goal is to make sure you’re able to throw the perfect party for your guests. We want everything to go exactly the way you planned it which is why we prioritise great communication with our clients and make sure your needs always come first. Our quick and easy service means when you’re planning your party, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, and more time to focus on having a great time.

To get the ball rolling on your next big event, send us over some simple details about your requirements, and we’ll get to work making sure your party is one to remember. Simply give us a call on 07826 843 099.

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We always put you, the client, first. Our aim is to create a stunning space where you and you your guests can feel comfortable and at ease for the whole day or night. We strive to go above and beyond your brief and we welcome a challenge!

To get started, why not tell us what you have in mind for your next private party and we’ll let you know how we can bring your vision to life.