2 stretch tents in front of a listed building used as a popular Pub

In the scenic landscapes of Derbyshire, where the charm of traditional pubs meets the allure of outdoor dining, Tentickle Stretchtents embarked on a transformative journey with a client seeking to redefine their pub experience. Approached by a discerning client managing multiple pubs, our task was clear: extend outdoor dining spaces with aesthetically pleasing, all-weather solutions, ensuring revenue growth without the hassle of planning permission.

Upon a meticulous site visit, we measured available areas and proposed suitable sizes to maximize space utilization. Presenting two options in terms of sizes and colors, our collaborative approach ensured alignment with the client’s vision. With unanimous approval from the business directors, we swiftly proceeded to installation.

two sand coloured stretch tent providing cover for outdoor seating

Our seasoned team meticulously erected the Stretchtents, utilizing sturdy wall fixings to secure the structure seamlessly against the building. Precision and attention to detail were paramount as we manipulated the tents to create inviting entrances and sheltered areas, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

As the tents took shape, excitement brewed among onlookers, and anticipation mounted. With each peg securely fastened, the ambiance transformed, and the stage was set for a memorable evening. The client’s delight was palpable as they witnessed the newfound outdoor oasis unfold before their eyes.

With tables and chairs strategically positioned, the once-underutilized outdoor space blossomed into a thriving hub of activity. The seamless integration of Tentickle Stretchtents doubled seating capacity, inviting patrons to linger longer, regardless of weather conditions. The pub’s revenue surged, reflecting the success of our collaborative endeavor.

In conclusion, our partnership with this Derbyshire pub exemplifies the transformative power of Tentickle Stretchtents. Beyond providing shelter, we create immersive experiences, fostering community engagement and driving business growth. As we celebrate this success, we look forward to crafting more outdoor havens that redefine the pub experience, one Stretchtent at a time.

Please watch the video of the installation: